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About Glen Schilling

I was part of the original Balancing Program group which Walter and Marta Burleigh formed in Tucson, Arizona in the early 1980’s. I was immersed in the Program and its teachings, and I had close personal relationships with both Walter and Marta. I sincerely owe so much of what I have become to this Program and to their love and guidance. It was the most significant experience of my life.

I was directly mentored by the Burleighs on the Program, with Marta carefully tutoring me on how to do the measurements with their distance method. When they invited me to be a part of the Balancing Program support staff in the 1980’s, however, I could not accept because of career commitments.

In 2012, I retired after 50 years in the retail industry. At the end I owned and operated a popular spiritual book and gift shop at the foot of mystical Pikes Peak in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

I live in Colorado Springs’ historic westside with my wife, Joy. She is a psychologist who became Balanced early in our marriage. She is a strong supporter of the Program (including designing this website).

In my personal life, I have a passion for putting together interesting jigsaw puzzles, and enjoy gardening and camping in our motorhome. And I’ve begun wintering in Tucson.

I devote my energies now to the Balancing Program, providing measurements and support to many people who want to realize their full potential. With all of its pioneers passed on, I have committed myself to make sure the Balancing Program continues to be offered in its original purity. The Program’s unique contribution to actualizing the human spirit must not be lost.

About Walter & Marta Burleigh

Walter and Marta Burleigh devoted themselves to providing the life-transforming gift of The Balancing Program to people in the US and around the world beginning in 1978 after Walter retired from his work as an accountant with the U.S. government.

They made an indelible contribution to thousands of lives, whose influence radiated to countless others, all from their home in Tucson. They gave generously from their deep well of experience, self-assurance, humor and lightness of being. (Click here for more details on their lives: The Lineage )

The Burleighs were fully ‘in the world but not of it…’

​​ Walter and Marta loved, worked, and learned together for over 40 years. Together they served selflessly the evolution of consciousness on the planet. Marta loved life and was always encouraging people to enjoy their lives to the fullest. She was a wonderful story teller who loved traveling to other countries and sharing the tales.

​ ​Walter, that huge presence, left the earth plane unexpectedly in 1989, although he had not been ill. It was the year after he had completed writing The Balancing Program, his masterful condensation of the Burleighs’ 40 years of experience with the Program.

It has been said that highly conscious beings can choose the time of their death. I believe this is true. When I was in the Burleighs’ kitchen the evening of his passing, I discovered that he had written on their wall calendar earlier that morning: “Beam me up, Scottie.”

Marta continued conducting the Program until she passed it on in 1994 to her dear friend Anna Holme.

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