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Frequently asked questions

1. Why do you need my signature to measure my level of consciousness?

Quantum physics has shown that everything that exists is made of energy. Your signature carries your unique personal energy. The dowsing method I use can measure you at a distance using your signature (or your photo, or a lock of your hair). It measures different types and levels of the energy which radiates from you. With careful training, this method was found to yield the same results as the Biometer - the instrument used during the early years of The Balancing Program which required participants to be physically present. I was trained in the precision of this method by Marta Burleigh in the 1980s.

2. Why is it important to get measured? I’d prefer to just do the Symbols and get balanced on my own.

Working with thousands of people over the years, the Neals and the Burleighs found that if people did not receive regular measurements and feedback, in Walter’s words, they “did not DO the program with sufficient vigor, persistence and effort to enable them to make progress. Receiving regular measurements is important for another reason. You may “feel” that you are balanced after doing the Symbols on your own, yet you may be only in the “locking process.” This is when your newly-balanced mental and emotional levels are rising together steadily until they finally slow down and “lock.” If you stop doing the Symbols before the crucial Locking occurs, you will gradually go back to your original un-balanced levels. “In order to stay the course of daily meditating on the Symbols over many months, we can’t emphasize enough the crucial importance of receiving feedback on your rising measurements along the way!” Walter Burleigh, The Balancing Program, 1988.

3. What if I miss a day of doing the symbols?

An occasional missed session will not cause long term harm to your progress, but a pattern of doing the symbols erratically will make it impossible for you to become Balanced and Locked. It will quickly show up in your monthly measurement. This is because your emotional level rises a tiny fraction of a degree each time you do the 15 minute Symbols meditation. It falls back to its prior level by that same amount if you don’t do the symbols again within the next 24 hours. So consistency is key. If needed, I can help you find ways to support the daily discipline.

4. Once I achieve the optimal balancing, will it stay that way forever?

Yes, it is permanent if you continue through becoming both Balanced and Locked.

5. Will the consciousness potential I was born with ever go up? If so, how much?

Yes. In recent years some participants have experienced Consciousness gains as much as 40 to 60 or more points on the Scale before locking. This is made possible by the higher consciousness we are exposed to from so many quarters as our world evolves. Further, if you continue doing the Symbols practice after you are Balanced and Locked, you will attain still higher numbers, but much more slowly.

6. Can I do other practices or programs along with the Balancing Program?

Marta Burleigh would say not to do other meditations or spiritual practices within 2 hours of doing the Symbols. Other growth activities may naturally become part of your life as you progress. Use your increasing discernment to see what helps, AND what may detract from your focus on doing the Symbols.

7. I’ve heard there is a third measurement. What is it? Does it also change when I do the Symbols?

It is called the Reaction Symbol. It measures the power flowing into your will or intention, and how stable and harmonious your actions are in alignment with your conscious intent. As with the Mental and Emotional measurements, it indicates how likely you are to be drawn to The Balancing Program and to actually do it consistently. And yes, as you advance in the program, your Reaction Symbol measures as stronger, more stable and more harmonious. You will feel it in changes in how you show up in your life.

8. Does the Advanced Program use different symbols from the Balancing Program?

Alternative symbols have been tested. However, these 3 Pythagorean symbols in this format are the only ones found to permanently anchor one’s elevated energy levels.

9. Are there other benefits to doing The Original Balancing Program?

In addition to receiving accurate regular measurements, you enter a transmitted “field of energy” which includes every one doing The Balancing Program now, as well as everyone who has gone before. This invisible support uplifts your efforts and helps you stay the course to completion. You might say it is a field of Light.

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