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History of ​The Balancing Program

The Balancing Program was founded in 1951 by Roland Neal and Dr. Viola Neal as part of their Biometric Research Foundation in Los Angeles, California.

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Measuring the Emotional Level, and Discovering the Breakthrough Balancing Process

Dr. Brunler, who used the pioneering Bovis method of measuring ‘ radiation’ on thousands of people in Europe, later migrated to the United States and worked with the Neals in Los Angeles. Out of their collaboration, the Neals contributed two crucial developments:

1) They introduced an additional measure, the person’s emotional coefficient, which seemed to determine to what degree a person was able to embody and harmoniously use their mental potential, and

2) They made the breakthrough discovery which has proved such a boon to seekers around the globe: that when people meditate by concentrating on the three symbols used in Pythagoras’s mystery schools 2500 years ago, they raise their emotional coefficient in small increments, until eventually it arrives at a balanced, harmonious ratio with their mental potential level, and locks permanently in balancing. (This ancient symbols meditation had been disclosed to Dr. Viola ‘serendipitously’ on a scientific trip to Egypt.)

In contrast, all other methods the Neals had investigated for lifting the spirit and evolving the emotional level were only able to boost a person’s radiant energy measures fleetingly, for a few hours or a few days, before falling back down to the initial levels.


Marta and Walter Burleigh were involved closely with the Neals in The Balancing Program’s ongoing research and counseling from the beginning. Over the next 25 years, an estimated 10,000 people were drawn to California to experience The Balancing Program, primarily by word of mouth.

After the Neals’ deaths, the Burleighs reestablished the original Balancing Program after they retired to Tucson, and they continued to develop it. They worked tirelessly to develop a support structure so that this wealth of knowledge and the invaluable Balancing process would not be lost.


The Burleighs developed a method for people’s numbers to be measured from a distance, which contributed greatly to The Balancing Program’s expansion around the world.


In 1988, Walter Burleigh published The Balancing Program, a distillation of the knowledge gained from his and Marta’s almost 40 years of dedication to the program.​​

The still-timely Foreword to the book is reproduced below.

Image by Daniel Mingook Kim

FOREWORD to The Balancing Program Book

Today people are pursuing many different methods of improving their lives — searching for answers to their inner questions about themselves, their environment, and their world.

In every area of society, people are recognizing and expressing that there is a great need for balancing in our human relationships today.

Many have the feeling that they personally are not living up to their own expectations; not fulfilling a deep inner purpose which they sense.​ Many find their frustration almost overwhelming as they seek solutions that never seem to be found. Others attempt to escape from apparently unbearable pressures or stresses in a variety of ways.

Over the past 40 years, thousands of individuals have found the answers they were looking for in the Balancing Program. We invite you to join them and discover the answers for yourself.

*For a more detailed history of the Balancing Program, which follows the people involved from its origins to its current lineage holder, Glen Schilling, please check out The Lineage.

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