This HISTORY OF THE BALANCING PROGRAM appeared on the Program’s original website

It has been updated to trace the transmission of the Program to the present day.

European roots…

In the early 1980s, The Balancing Program, as we know it today, was formally re-established and organized by Walter and Marta Burleigh. Our roots, however, date back to the earlier part of the Twentieth Century and the work of Dr. Oscar Brunler and Dr. Maurice Bovis in France. Dr. Brunler developed a system of measuring the “Radiation” or “Mental Radiation” of a person through the use of an instrument called a biometer. Dr. Maurice Bovis originally invented the Biometer and used it to detect the quality of a wine, through its “radiation”, without having to open the bottle.

By the time Dr. Brunler and Dr. Bovis met, the instrument had been refined to a point where it could measure the health of various organs within the human body by measuring the “radiation” from a person’s fingertips. Their collaboration led to the measurement of over 30,000 people in Europe. They continued to perfect the instrument, finally calling it the Brunler-Bovis Biometer. During this process, Dr. Brunler established the classification of the various levels of human mental capabilities. With all this information, Dr. Brunler came to the United States and founded The Brunler Research Foundation with his wife, Dr. Grace Calvert and two associates, Roland Neal and Dr. Viola Pettit-Neal.

By 1951, Dr. Brunler was having health problems and wanted to remove himself from the intense activity going on at the Foundation. He and Dr. Calvert set up a small practice in their home and the Neals took over the institution renaming it the Biometric Research Foundation. It was at this point that Marta and Walter Burleigh became actively involved with the discoveries that were being made there.

Marta was a native of California and Walter of Nebraska. In 1936, they met, married, and settled in California. Marta and Walter began their studies at the Brunler Research Foundation in Beverly Hills, California in 1949. Although Marta and Walter had received their initial measurements at the Brunler Research Foundation under Dr. Brunler, they decided to remain with the Neals when Dr. Brunler left the Foundation. Their decision was partly based on the close relationship they had developed with the Neals.

Although the principles of the Balancing Program were based upon the great quantity of work originally done by Dr. Oscar Brunler, the Neals discovered yet another measurement and called it the “Emotional Coefficient”. They also decided to rename the radiation and call it the “Mental Potential” measurement. The Neals found that the ideal relationship between these two measurements was in a 10 to 1 ratio. For instance, if the Mental Potential level was 398, the Emotional Coefficient should be 39.8 for the person to operate most effectively. If the Mental Potential was 410, the Emotional Coefficient should be 41.0, and so on.

They also discovered that most human beings were dramatically “out of balancing” as their Emotional Coefficient measurement was almost never compatible with the Mental Potential. This low Emotional Coefficient resulted in a wide variety of negative behavior patterns for those individuals suffering this disparity — such as stress, failure in business and personal relationships, and even physical illness.

Enter the symbols…

Finding how to correct this situation became their primary goal, and the Neals endeavored to find a way to raise the Emotional Coefficient to its appropriate level. A wide variety of techniques were tested, but nothing seemed to work. It was not until Viola Pettit-Neal recalled an incident during her PhD thesis research. She was teaching at the American University in Lebanon and, while visiting the Monastery of St. Catherine in the Mt. Sinai area, the monks showed her three symbols and told her that Pythagoras used them in his Mystery Schools. Pythagoras had required his students to study these three simple geometric forms, in a particular order, for a period of seven years. Viola remembered these three forms and their proper sequence and decided to introduce the technique to the class at the Foundation. We have learned from anthropologists that these symbols seem to have been a part of all cultural traditions dating back to ancient times.

Much to the Neal’s delight, using these images worked! Each day that the symbols were studied the Emotional Coefficient would increase a little until finally the two sets of measurements were in their proper ratio. However, it was through Marta that another discovery was made. Once the Emotional Coefficient was 1/10th of the Mental Potential, BOTH numbers seemed to lock and start climbing together until the Mental level was up three points above its initial measurement. Marta and Walter both felt this Program was of profound and far-reaching importance and decided to become counselors at the Foundation.

Walter studied and worked with Roland Neal for over three years. Together, they measured thousands of people through photographs in college yearbooks. They measured and counseled individuals in an effort to assist them with career choices and fields of interest. Many of the people that they counseled went on to complete the Program.In 1954, Walter became an accountant for the United States government and the Burleighs moved to Washington, D.C. and from there to many places around the world. This forced them to give up their close contact with the Neals and the Foundation, but both Walter and Marta continued to support its ideals and its efforts. Roland Neal died within a year of the Burleighs move and the foundation was closed. Viola continued The Balancing Program until the late 1970′s. She died in 1981.

The Balancing Program is re-established…

In 1978, Walter and Marta retired to Tucson. Finally, they had the precious time required to re-establish the program. They started by introducing The Balancing Program to the people they met. Walter and Marta worked very hard to establish a sound foundation for the Program in order to ensure its continued expansion.

One of the Burleighs’ most important contributions during this period was finding a method to measure and counsel people without having them come to Tucson. They were able to develop a pendulum dowsing technique that allowed them to accurately measure and track the progress of the participants. Walter published the results of their extensive research and counseling in “The Scale of Consciousness” map in 1986, and his book The Balancing Program in 1988. By the time Walter died, in November 1989, the Program was virtually worldwide with participants in many countries including several thousand people who were Balanced and Locked.

The Balancing Program survives the passing of the pioneers…m is re-established…

Marta Burleigh, Anna Holme

Anna Holme was an early participant in the Program who had become balanced and locked in 1974. She had been a close friend of Marta’s for over 30 years. In 1990, Anna moved to Tucson to work under Marta’s direct tutelage, to help her with participants’ measurements and contacts related to the Program. Over the next few years Marta continued to support the efforts of the Balancing Program, as she gradually transferred more responsibility to Anna, including most of the measuring. Anna brought many skills and talents to the Balancing Program. She was experienced in comparative religions and Jungian dream interpretation, weaving and business management. When Marta decided to retire in 1994, she was fully confident in Anna’s integrity and skills.

Anna’s guidance and strength enabled the Program to move forward without interruption when Marta died in 1999. She was assisted by the dedicated and capable Kathryn Draman, who had been with the Burleighs since their first Balancing Program group in Tucson. Kathryn had organized an office system for the Balancing Program for Walter and Marta in 1986, when the spread of the Program had definitely outgrown the “cottage-industry” stage.

Many changes took place within the organization in 1999, including expansion of the Board of Directors, and development of an Internet website, The goal was to strengthen the foundation and structure of The Balancing Program and ensure its continuation and expansion into the future. Everyone firmly believed, as the Neals and the Burleighs did, that this information is critical to the evolution of humanity and must not be lost.

Worlds End South Africa

Into the Twenty-first Century…

The consciousness of Humanity as a whole is shifting and expanding very quickly. At the beginning of the Program in the 1950s, participants would tend to Balancing and Lock at a level of 3 to 5 points above their original Mental Potential measurement. By the 1980s, this had increased to +20. By the early 1990s this was at 50+. By 1999 a person’s potential increase in level of consciousness using the Balancing Process was approaching 60+ points on the Scale.

Today, there are many many people around the world who are not satisfied with the status quo and old paradigms. The pressures to break through into new consciousness are intense, and the resources abundant.

The Stress Management Program continues to provide a uniquely simple, extremely effective pathway for interested people to break free from their limitations into an extraordinary expansion.

The process of meditating on the symbols unfurls an elevated understanding of life and ourselves, and anchors it deeply into the core of our body-minds. We are able to ride the accelerating waves of change because we have become internally Balanced. Balanced from the inside out, we can experience surprising new worlds of success, delight, and fulfillment – even as we are surrounded by and our hearts touched by the suffering and upheavals of the Earth in transition. The growth process is endless. We are grateful beyond words for our deepened connection with ourselves, with the people around us, and with a Universe in which we know we are a significant part of the whole and feel at home.

We find ourselves making our own just-right contributions in our spheres of influence toward a more harmonious and effective world…a world that works for everybody. Balanced and evolving, we become conscious agents in alignment with Life on an evolving planet.

The Balancing Program evolved in the 20th century to assist us into – and through – the 21st …

And on to the present day…

With Anna Holme’s passing in 2004, and then Kathryn Draman’s in 2006, the dynamic foundation of the original Balancing Program dwindled. The website was shut down in 2006 because there wasn’t any qualified person that could carry it on.

An end to the original Balancing Program, however, was not what the Universe had in mind!

Enter Glen Schilling. In 2012, Glen was newly retired from a long career in retail management, his last venue owning and operating a nationally known metaphysical store in Colorado.

Glen had been preparing for years. He was committed to spending the rest of his life as a wisdom mentor and anchor. He wanted to support others who were drawn to do the invaluable Balancing Program which had made so much possible in his life.

Glen had been a vigorous participant in Walter and Marta’s first Balancing Program group in Tucson during the 1980s. Close to Walter and Marta, he had been mentored by them in the Program. He was carefully tutored by Marta to do the precision measurements of mental potential, emotional level and will-alignment. Marta asked him then to become part of the Program staff in Tucson, but he was not able to at that time because of career commitments.

Over the years since he moved from Tucson, Glen had continued doing the symbols. He had measured many people and had assisted more than a dozen to become fully Balanced and Locked. He had maintained contact with the Program through Anna and Kathryn, ordering Walter’s book for his participants.

In the fall of 2013 he launched his website It conveyed much information from Walter’s book, The Balancing Program, which was by then out of print. Through the website he enrolled people to do the original Balancing Program, providing measurements for every two months and personal feedback and support, for a low one-time fee.

From this dedicated beginning, Glen has been able to make contact with many people from the early years of the Program who filled him in on later developments. He had been looking for Wren Breedlove, Marta’s sister who had become Balanced as a young child. Through his new balancing support website, she found him! Wren, who is a creative bioenergy and consciousness therapist in Tucson, had assisted the Balancing Program in the past by providing measurements for Participants when needed. Through contact with Glen she found her enthusiasm for the Program rekindled. Wren and her brother Fredrick Burnham were executors of Marta’s estate and transferred the copyright of Walter’s book The Balancing Program to Glen. Copies have become available again. (Click here to purchase one.)

Glen also made contact with Jill Drinkwater, a dynamic and successful (Balanced) investment manager in Santa Fe, who had been an member of the Balancing Program’s Board of Directors. Jill too has been an enthusiastic support and promoter of the revived Original Balancing Program under Glen’s leadership.

Glen was able to recover all of the Balancing Programs websites and Domain names

In October, 2013, Glen registered The Balancing Program, LLC, and the Program again became a legal entity.

Many people are currently participating in the original Balancing Program and moving solidly forward in their lives. Click “Get Started Today” to see some of their testimonials.

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