Measurements, Feedback and Support Every 3 Months


  • To achieve further integration of the personality. That is, integration of mind, emotions, instinct, and physical body, coordinated with one’s personality.
  • To move consciousness into the heart center.
  • To move into the Now.
  • To strengthen responsiveness to one’s own soul or higher self.

The Advance Balancing Program

$169.00 Regular Price
$139.00Sale Price
  • Once you are Balanced and Locked, you may want to continue doing the Symbols practice. If you do, your locked and balanced Mental and Emotional measurements will continue to rise together, slowly. Your inner being continues to be supported and strengthened as you find your way home to the heart of reality.

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    Important Reminder:  The three original symbols are the ONLY ones that permanently hold the energy of getting Balanced and Locked. Also to raise the mental level higher permanently. Other symbols have been tried to speed up the Balancing process, but they simply don’t hold the changes permanently.