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The Symbols

Walter Burleigh, co-founder of the Balancing Program, described the symbols this way:

The symbols are truly powerful. We wish first to stress that it’s the geometric form which accomplishes the results. The symbols are very ancient and have been referred to for centuries but have apparently not been used in this sequence and relationship since the time of Pythagoras.

It’s as though they reach into the higher frequency energies of the universe and turn a faucet to let that higher-quality energy flow into your being.

IMPORTANT!  These three symbols are the ONLY ones that permanently hold the energy of getting Balanced and Locked. Also to raise the mental level higher permanently. Other symbols have been tried to speed up the Balancing process, but they simply don’t hold the changes permanently.


The first symbol reaches to a very high level or frequency and brings energy into the realm of mind or mental activity [Consciousness].

Meditation by the Sea

The second symbol, again reaches to a very high level and brings energy into the feeling aspect of your personality.


Then, the third symbol brings in a magnetic force which seems to “pull” the other two energies closer together.

Since the Mind aspect is higher and more powerful, it acts to pull the emotional aspect UP AND INTO HARMONIOUS ALIGNMENT WITH THE MIND ASPECT.”

The Balancing Program
Walter Burleigh, 1988

Meditating on Beach


Drs. Roland Neal and Viola Pettit-Neal were researching the Mental Potential Scale at their Biometric Research Institute in Los Angeles in the 1950s when they discovered yet another important and reliable measurement. They called it the Emotional Coefficient. They found that most human beings were dramatical “out of balancing” because their Emotional Coefficient measurement was almost never compatible with the Mental Potential.

This low Emotional Coefficient resulted in a wide variety of negative behaviour patterns for those individuals suffering this disparity — such as stress, failure in business and personal relationships, and even physical illness.

Finding how to correct this situation became their primary goal.

A wide variety of techniques were tested, but nothing seemed to work. It was not until Viola Pettit-Neal recalled an incident during her PhD thesis research. She was teaching at the American University in Lebanon and, while visiting the Monastery of St. Catherine in the Mt. Sinai area, the monks showed her three symbols and told her that Pythagoras used them in his Mystery Schools. Pythagoras had required his students to study these three simple geometric forms, in a particular order, for a period of seven years.

Viola remembered these three forms and their proper sequence and decided to introduce the technique to the class at the Foundation. We have learned from anthropologists that these balancing symbols seem to have been a part of all cultural traditions dating back to ancient times.

Much to Neal’s delight, using these images worked! Each day that the meditation symbols were studied the Emotional Coefficient would increase a little until finally, the two sets of measurements were in their proper 1:10 ratio.

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